Friday, April 15, 2011

Tea for Two by Trish Perry

Title: Tea for Two
Author: Trish Perry
Series: The Tea Shop Series
Rating: 4 Books

Review: Tea for Two by Trish Perry is like breathing in a breath of fresh air in Heaven. It is the second book in this modern day, inspirational romance series (The Tea Shop Series) set in Northern Virginia. Milly, the owner of the tea shop, is a pleasant Christian woman who befriends all of her customers, including counselor Tina Milano and her produce supplier Zack Cooper.

Tina, a single woman and counselor, leads her weekly counseling group at Milly's shop in the mornings, where sessions frequently get off track and onto the subject of Tina's love life, or lack there-of. Zack, a single father to two teenagers, Dylan and Sherry, is in need of some advice and guidance regarding the destructive path his children seem to be taking. After talking to Milly, as encouraging and supportive as she is, he realizes he's going to need some professional help for his falling-apart-family.

After heeding Milly's advice, Zack and Tina agree to work together in a casual manner - but there's a catch – Zack doesn't want Dylan and Sherry to know they're being counseled. During a meeting with Tina at Milly's shop, Dylan and Sherry walk in after school for some treats and see Zack with Tina. Automatically assuming Zack is dating Tina, the kids are thrilled. Not wanting to disappoint his children, Zack and Tina pretend to be in a relationship. But as Tina and Zack start to spend more time with each other and their friendship progresses, are they really still pretending? Can they overcome their trust and faith issues and really become a team?

What a wonderful book! I felt like I was right there in Milly's shop, drinking tea and eating her sweets with Tina and Zack. The characters are well rounded and seem so alive and full of life's journey – wherever that may take them. The Author really made it feel as if Tina and Zack were brought together by the hand of God. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down. If you need to take a break from real life to escape to a relaxing, loving, inspiring and upbeat atmosphere, this is the book for you. I would recommend this book to anyone who's looking for an excellent read.

This is the second book of Trish Perry's that I have read, and I can tell you it won't be the last. Perry has a beautiful gift from God for story telling and an eloquent writing style that captivates readers from page one.

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