Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Favorite Book Sites...

Have you ever wondered where people get their ARC's (Advanced Readers Copy)? Well here is a list of some sites that I frequent and receive ARC's from:

  • Tyndale Book Club Hub Giveaway - Check back every day to sign up and win one of the books listed.

  • Tyndale Blog Network - The Tyndale Blog Network provides bloggers with free review copies of current Tyndale products. In turn, they require that participants post a review to their blog as well as an online consumer portal site (for example,

  • Zondervan - When bloggers are needed to review books, Zondervan will post what book they have ARC's for and if chosen, you will receive an ARC to review for them.

  • Goodreads - This is like a social networking site for book lovers. You can create lists of books (to-read, read, etc) as well as participate in online book clubs. You can even enter book giveaways (a review is expected from winners).

  • LibraryThing - I'm new to LibraryThing and am still trying to figure it out, but it seems to be similar to Goodreads.

  • Barnes and Noble - They have discontinued their program.

  • NetGalley - I have only been a member of NetGalley for a few days now, but I am already loving it! You request books from the publisher and then they will e-mail you to let you know if you're request has been accepted. Their books are of the digital kind, so you will have to download a free Adobe program in order to receive their book files.

  • Reader Views - I am not familiar with Reader Views. Please refer to their website if interested in learning more about them. When I try them out, I'll be sure to post my opinion. *Update: I requested to be a reviewer for this site and ultimately decided not to become a member. If you decide to apply, be warned, you will essentially have to go through an interview-like process. I personally did not have a good experience with this. I felt like the person who was conversing with me was snotty and just plain rude. They acted as if I was doing nothing more than wasting their time and seemed very uninterested. You will have to provide samples of your work (which has to be posted either on a blog or a book website, such as They don't want you to be reviewing for anyone else, either.

  • Litfuse - I am not familiar with Litfuse. Please refer to their site for more information.

  • BookSneeze - I am not familiar with BookSneeze. Please refer to their site for more information.

  • Blogging For Books - I am not familiar with this site, however, on their page it says that you have to have an "established, personal blog" in order to be considered. Please refer to their site for more information.

  • Inkmesh - I love Inkmesh. This site is updated almost daily and lists free promotional e-books. It also lists where you can buy e-books and how much they are on each site, so you're always able to get the best deal out there.

  • Free Book Friday - Every Friday, they give away a book in several different genres. Pick your choice of genre and see if the book they are giving away that week is of interest to you.

  • I recommend only signing up for one site at a time. After participating with that site, you can then evaluate if you have the time and can make the commitment to another site. You may find that you're being supplied with enough material from one site, to keep you busy to your liking. However, if you feel you can make the commitment to another site, then again, only pick one more to sign up with. Reading should be for pleasure; don't overdue it by over-committing yourself to several sites and running yourself thin.

    I will keep adding to the list as I find more.

    Now that you have all of these ARC's sitting on your shelf, what are you to do with them after you've finished the book? Here's an idea, why not trade them for other ARC's?

    Check out the ARC Swap for more details and information on trading ARC's!

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